Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Preview: TBL 3 @ George's California Modern

Spot Prawns - citrus, fennel, nasturtiums, lime blossom

Percebes - cooked in sea water

Poached Rabbit - sprouted legumes, peas, uni vinaigrette

Foie Gras - brioche foam, strawberries, beets

A preview from our dinner last night at George's California Modern in La Jolla, CA. TBL 3 is the exclusive 14-course tasting menu by Chef Trey Foshee. I will try to do a full post this weekend since it's still fresh on my mind.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

101 Best Restaurants in America 2012

Last month an editor from Daily Meal asked if they can use a photo I took during a meal at miniBar. I'm always surprised whenever I get these requests because half the time they never get published anyway. Well, it was for real and my photo was featured in this year's 101 Best Restaurants in America 2012. The full article can be found here:

miniBar ranked #65 on this year's list. The photo slideshow is found here: I'm pretty ecstatic to have my photo associated to a revered chef like Jose Andres and he's one of my favorite chefs of all time. Spanish chefs are so bad ass. Now if only I can get my Tickets photos published, that would be the icing on the cake.

Speaking of the list, I was also surprised that I've dined at a number of the restaurants (e.g. > 10) that made it onto the list this year.

94. Jaleo, Las Vegas (I dined at e so I assumed that counts)
87. Palena Cafe, Washington, D.C.
83. Ben's Chili Bowl, Wasnington, D.C.
81. The Bazaar, Los Angeles (again, dined at Saam which is inside the Bazaar)
76. Ad Hoc, Yountville, CA
75. Father's Office, Los Angeles, CA
67. Joe's Stone Crab, Miami, FL
65. minibar, Washington, D.C.
32. Joel Robuchon, Las Vegas, NV
29. Bouchon Bistro, Yountville, CA
10. Citronelle, Washington, D.C.
3. Chez Panisse, Berkeley, CA
2. Alinea, Chicago, IL

BTW, I have a very special tasting set up next week at TBL3 at George's California Modern. This will be my first local tasting in my hometown of San Diego. Stay tuned.