Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Porthole

386 days.

That's how long it took to receive this infusion vessel that I backed through a Kickstarter campaign. Even though the project was delayed numerous times, I'm glad it finally arrived.

The idea of the The Porthole was developed by Crucial Detail for the opening of The Aviary, Chef Grant Achatz's bar in Chicago. It's an infusion vessel that can be used for cocktails, oils, teas, or any infusion of your imagination. You can pre-order the Porthole at the Crucial Detail's website.

Due to the alarming response, the Kickstarter campaign version included:

  • One Porthole, 13 oz
  • Three photo etched stainless steel filter screens of varying densities
  • One flexible silicone cap to seal the contents for longer term infusions
  • A set of thumbscrews that can used as the alternative to the countersunk screws for faster assembly
  • A sample tea blend from the Rare Tea Cellar that is used at the Aviary in Chicago
  • 4 recipe cards created by the Aviary: Blueberry, Chai, Cider, Cranberry
  • A pair of aperitif glasses 

I ordered two Porthole sets (in case one broke) and two additional sets of aperitif glasses (8 glasses total). Whenever I have a chance, I'll try one of the recipes and post the outcome. The Aviary recipes look a little complicated meaning it requires me to find ingredients at Whole Foods or other specialty gourmet stores. Otherwise, I'm pleased with the outcome.