Sunday, August 28, 2011

Video: Saam at the Bazaar

Saam at the Bazaar from foodiefinder on Vimeo.

Recently I recovered a 16GB memory stick that I lost a few months back. I knew it must have fell from a shelf to the back of our head board but I didn't have the time to move our California King mattress to retrieve it. Last Friday when Hubs and I went shopping for memory sticks, I remembered that I had one so instead of having to buy another $25 memory stick, I asked him to retrieve the one from the head board/mattress or wherever it was at. Low and behold, the stick had tons of photos and some video.

Here's an old video from our dinner at Saam at the Bazaar in Los Angeles. We had dinner there on Halloween in 2009. I don't know why I decided we should drive two hours for dinner and back. I think I ended up driving home with a craving for an In-N-Out burger hours later. We came out FULL but after a trip to the throne, I was still hungry.

Anyways, our server was preparing a dish called Dragon's Breath. Essentially it was popcorn dipped in liquid nitrogen. As soon as you chew on it, you breathe out through your nose to find smoke coming out like a dragon. Eh, it was ok.


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