Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Girona, Spain: El Celler de Can Roca

This place doesn't need an introduction. Ranked the second best restaurant in the world, I'm still wrapping my head around this meal. This is not a bad thing. It just means I have no words to accurately describe my emotions during the meal unlike the night before at Tickets. What I'm trying to say is, you had to be there. Was this the best meal of my life or at least close to it? I'm not sure. But I do know, I'm very lucky to have experienced it.

The menu Hubs and I decided to conquer was the Feast (155 EUR). It was a 11-course tasting but it felt like a 20-course tasting.

Amuse Bouche 1: Carmelized Olives

Amuse Bouche 2: Crackers

Amuse Bouche 3: Campari Bonbon

Amuse Bouche 4: Zucchini omelette

Amuse Bouche 5: Ring calamari adaption

Amuse Bouche 6: Anchovy Bone Chip

Amuse Bouche 7: Truffled brioche

Amuse Bouche 8: Mushroom Bonbon

Bread Service
Wheat and original brioche

Apricot and Olive brioche

Green Salad
Avocado, lime, melon, cucumber, Charttreuse, sorrel, green shiso, tarragon, rocker, oxalis, eucalyptus, olive sorbet and olive oil

Figs with Majorero cheese and guava with vegetable foam

Oyster with Palo Cortado and white and black garlic

A whole king prawn
Charcoal-grilled king prawn, king-prawn sand, ink rocks, fried legs, head juice and king-prawn essence.

Charcoal-grilled sole meuniere

Milk skin, black butter, lemon and capers, flower and citrus peel

Salt-code brandade
Braised salt-cod tripe, salt-cod foam, olive oil soup, shallots and honey, thyme and chili pepper, vegetable contrast

Iberian suckling pig blanquette with Riesling
Mango and summer-truffle terrine, beet, garlic, orange concentrate and saffron pistil

Red mullet cooked at a low temperature
Stuffed with red-mullet pate and aniseed-flavoured-herb, orange and saffron gnocchi

Steak tartare with mustard ice cream (as revisted in 2009)
Spiced tomato, caper and lemon compote, hazelnut praline, bearnaise sauce, Oloroso-sherry raisin, chive butter, Sichuan pepper, Pimenton de la Vera (D.O) smoke, paprika and curry, small scoops of mustard ice cream, mustard leaves, baby onions with vinegar

Lamb with charcoal-grilled sweet pepper and tomato

Wood-pigeon liver with onion, caramelized hazelnuts with curry, juniper berries, orange skin and herbs

Lemon Cloud

Milk dessert
Milk caramel, sheep's milk ice cream, sheep's milk curd-cheese foam, sheep's milk yogurt and milk cloud

Vanilla, liquorice, caramel and black olive



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