Sunday, August 10, 2014

New York: Eleven Madison Park

savory black and white cookie with apple

custard with tuna and caviar

marinated with lemon and melon

tea with lemon thyme
salad with strawberries with basil

pastrami with peppers, rye, mustard, and old-fashioned cherry soda

house baked bread, unsalted butter with duck fat, unsalted butter

Foie Gras
marinated with peaches, ginger, and bitter almond

boil with clams, shrimp, and beans

braised with sunchokes and sunflower seeds

roasted with raspberries, blueberries, and mulberries

Fresh Cheese
pretzel, raspberry mustard, and green tomatoes

sorbet with caramelized milk and cherries

grill with lemon thyme ice cream and honey

chocolate covered with sea salt

sweet black and white cookie with caramel


Eau de Vie
apple brandy

Kitchen Tour

Shaved ice

EMP House made granola

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a week in New York. My evenings were spent in Brooklyn but I was able to snag a lunch reservation at Eleven Madison Park. I thought the courses were simple (in a good way) and it paid homage to New York favorites such as a pastrami sandwich. To me, a great restaurant invokes childhood memories and EMP did just that with their Cheese course. The course was whimsical as everything was presented inside a picnic basket. One element included one of my favorite snacks, a pretzel. I love pretzels, period. It reminded me of the Hot Sam pretzels that I craved as a kid in the mid 80s. I was tempted to ask for another pretzel to finish all of the cheese. So good. 

Bread service: I still think Joel Robuchon reigns supreme on that front but EMP is up there along with Guy Savoy. Too bad Alinea axed their bread service. It was good too.

Spoiler alert: After I left the restaurant, another surprise awaited outside with a local street vendor. Every diner was presented with a strawberry cream popsicle treat to beat the summer heat. 

Parting gift: I think every restaurant who offers a tasting menu of $200+ is obligated to give its patrons a parting gift. Whether it be a loaf of bread (a la Joel Robuchon) or TFL shortbread cookies, EMP does it right with granola that's as addictive as oxycodone. 

Overall, I had a better experience here than at the French Laundry. I didn't feel over stuffed and spending a few minutes in the kitchen was a nice touch to end my afternoon. Would I come back? Maybe for their fall menu. Otherwise, I don't feel the urge to come back any time soon to make up for any missteps as I didn't uncover anything.


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