Monday, July 8, 2013

Training: Nutrition

I haven't been dining out lately as I'm training for my first cycling event this Fall, Pedal the Cause. It's a great event supporting cancer research and all proceeds stay in San Diego. I plan to ride the 50 mile loop from La Jolla to Encinitas. 

So far I've been riding 3-4 days a week and averaging 50 miles by the end of each week. This weekend I rode a total of 32 miles in 4 hours. I'm hoping to finish the event in less than 5 hours. Aside from training every week to increase my endurance, I also wanted other ways to improve my performance. One area I needed to work on was nutrition. I'm not talking about cutting back on what I eat everyday but how my body is hydrated during training and recovery after. 

I started off with nutrition bars and energy chews but after riding 20+ miles, I needed a boost in recovery. While watching the Tour de France, I discovered a new energy drink company called Osmo Nutrition. As a researcher by trade, I'll research the heck out of a product before I try it. I'll also buy a few samples of everything before committing to a certain brand. What drew me to even give Osmo Nutrition a chance was the science behind the brand. Their YouTube videos were informative too.

After my 32 mile ride, I took Osmo Acute Recovery. I mixed the powder with 50% orange juice, 25% water and 25% milk. The powder itself was flavored with vanilla. The drink tasted like a Orange Creamsicle. It wasn't bad at all. It was pretty good for a powdered drink. My body was very sore on Saturday and by Sunday it wasn't as bad. I had some soreness but it was in minor areas such my neck and lats.

The company claims it uses natural and organic ingredients which is why their products are on the pricier side. I plan to try their other product Osmo Active Hydration later this week. So who drinks Osmo? None other than cycling pro Peter Sagan and the Cannondale Pro Cycling team (here's their story).

Below are the other products I'm using for nutrition during my rides:

Clif Bars - Organic and many flavors

Clif Bloks - Organic and it tastes like gummy bears. Loving flavor Mountain Berry.

I wasn't interested in using gels nor Gatorade (too much sugar). Below is what is recommended to eat/drink during medium-length rides.

RIDE DURATION: 1 to 3 hours

PRIMARY CONCERN: Carbohydrate replenishment
WHAT TO DRINK: 1 bottle water and 1 bottle sports drink per hour, at least
WHAT TO EAT: 30-60g of carb per hour from bars, gels and sports drinks--up to 80g if you're consuming glucose and fructose together
BONUS TIP: Don't dilute the sports drinks--your body absorbs them most efficiently at their correct concentrations.

During long rides, I plan to carry the following with me:

1 Clif Bar
3 Clif Bloks
1 bottle water
1 bottle sports drink
2 packets of Osmo Active Hydration

I'm not loving the taste of the electrolyte tablets so I'm hoping the Osmo Active Hydration will keep me hydrated during my rides. Stay tuned.