Saturday, July 11, 2015

Paris: L'Arpege

creamed vegetable tart

carrot, spinach and beetroot puree tarts

beet sushi with fig leaf

black truffle, buckwheat waffle

vegetable ravioli, tomato consumee

salad, red onion, walnut sauce, parmesan

cevennes white onion gratin with black truffles

peas veloute with whipped creme chantilly


cous cous, semolina, vegetable sausage

dover sole with mushrooms and white wine sauce

roasted chicken in hay

comte cheese

Tarte aux Pommes “Bouquet de Roses”

vanilla macaron, chocolates with macadamia, and petits choux

This post is way overdue. We had our lunch tasting at L'Arpege over a year ago. Of all the meals during our European trip, L'Arpege put us in a food coma. I had to cancel our reservation at Pierre Gagnaire a few days later since we could no longer take on another tasting. I thought I paced our tasting menus per city but I think our stomachs couldn't handle the richness of French cuisine. 

So good, so full.

The best bang for your buck in Paris is having tastings during lunch rather than at dinner. You can expect dinner prices to be nearly twice as much. The Parisians are also very generous with their servings. Can't decide if you want the fish or chicken? Why not have both! The waiters are more than willing to accommodate your request. 

84 Rue de Varenne
75007 Paris, France
+33 1 47 05 09


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