Friday, September 4, 2015

What's Next: Chicago & New York

Next month I'm traveling back to Chicago and New York. Now that our landscaping projects are completed, I don't have to choose between Belgard pavers and a Michelin star meal.

For Chicago, I've booked Blackbird. I was hoping Band of Bohemia would open by September but it looks like it won't happen until October/November. I don't have many fancy dinner options in Chicago as I've already been to the ones worth dining at (e.g. Alinea, Grace, Sixteen, Next and the Girl & the Goat).

As for New York, I nabbed a seat at Atera. Although Executive Chef Ronny Emborg is relatively new to the U.S., his pedigree is impressive. Atera is a 2-star Michelin restaurant and the chef spent time at el Bulli and Mugaritz. His complete CV is located here. I'm also dining at Le Bernardin with some colleagues of mine. This work trip will keep my blog activity active for awhile.