Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's Next: Honolulu, Hawaii

It's been awhile since I posted anything on this blog. I haven't taken a vacation since we got back from Japan last November. We're taking a family vacation with my mom to celebrate her 70th birthday. I would have preferred to go to Paris, France but my mom wanted to go to Hawaii. It's her birthday so her call.

I didn't plan on dining anywhere new or special. Just the usual spots: Shrimp trunk, luau, Sunday brunch at the Halekulani, Roy's, Ono's Hawaiian, Leonard's and that's about it. We've taken a break from fine dining since our dinners from Japan was ridiculously expensive. Two of the restaurants that we dined at were recently recognized as Asia's Best Restaurants in the World so the expense was well worth it.

I think our next international trip will be Hong Kong but I'm not sure when. Most likely toward the end of the year but it depends on my work schedule and if I've accumulated enough vacation hours to take a two week trip. Otherwise, we'll probably take some domestic trips here or there.