Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Golden Ticket

This weekend I got an unexpected letter. Well, not really unexpected since I was waiting for it but I didn't know when it was going to arrive. Essentially, I received these pair of "golden tickets" to e by Jose Andres. The tickets solidified my accomplishment of getting these sought after reservations. The tickets were printed on shiny gold card stock just like in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. The front of the tickets said:

"Greetings and felicitaciones to you, the lucky recipient of this ticket. From Jose and his team of wonder makers. This ticket along with your reservation entitles you and only you, to admission to e by Jose Andres. Where you will experience culinary delights that you have not imagined, and cannot guess. Present this ticket at the time of your reservation to the hose at Jaleo in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Do not be late and be ready for anything! Buena Suerte!"

The back of the tickets showed the date and time of the reservation as well as our seat numbers. I got #5 and #6. There are only 8 seats inside the exclusive room hidden within Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. We're less than a week away. I'm too excited and I can't wait.


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