Saturday, August 22, 2009

Las Vegas: Bouchon

On the morning of our anniversary, we stopped by Thomas Keller's Bouchon for brunch. Bouchon has two other locations in Yountville and New York. The one in Vegas is located at the Venetian Resort and Casino. This restaurant is hidden in the Venezia Tower which you have to take a special elevator to get to.

Once you find the elevator, you will take one flight up. As you step out of the elevator, you walk into a whole new world of luxury. You will see these elaborate fresco paintings on the ceilings along with decorative chandeliers and marble throughout the area. To get to the restaurant, you head down a long hall way which the restaurant is located near the end.

We got to the restaurant fairly early around 9am. There were only a few diners there so we were seated immediately. The dining area had a French bistro-feel with vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light coming through the windows. You have the option to be seated inside or on the patio.

While we waited for our server, we were given a small portion of the EPI Baguette. This is the same one that you'll find at their bakery downstairs near the casino floor. According to their website, it is a classic Parisian baguette, shaped to resemble a wheat stalk. They use a Poolish which is a yeast-based starter made from equal parts of flour and water. It imparts a nutty aroma, open texture and crisp crust. The accompaniments were butter and an orange marmalade which were tasty.

Whenever I see "beignets" on a menu, we have to order it. I'm a beignet kind of gal (move over donuts). That day they had a special for raspberry beignets which were basically a fancy version of a raspberry-filled donut topped with granulated sugar. Also tasty, but I wish they served more than two pieces.

Now comes the main entree. If there was ONLY one thing you had to order here then it would be the Chicken & Waffles. This was the only reason why we came here. Don't get the corn beef hash or the eggs benedict. You must order the Chicken & Waffles, period. I know that says a lot for Chicken & Waffles but the chicken is not fried and it is probably the best darn rotisserie chicken I've ever had. I love it as much as KFC. It is definitely finger-licking good. The bacon & chive waffles were delicious as well. Nice and light. It held the vanilla syrup quite well.

Overall, the chicken & waffles were yummy. Bouchon in Vegas is known for brunch. If you need a variety of choices, go to a buffet.

Things to know:
  • To get to the restaurant look for the entrance of the Venezia Towers toward the right of the Venetian registration desk.
  • The entree prices are quite expensive and range from $12-$33.50. Chicken & Waffles are $25.00.
  • Bouchon does not take reservations for brunch. Get there before 10am to avoid the crowds. Brunch is served between 7am to 2pm.
  • A full description of the kitchen and decor can be found on eG Forums.
The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino, Venezia Tower
3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Suite 10101
Las Vegas, NV 89109


phi-style said...

i really enjoyed Bouchon as well. i had the profiteroles but those beignets look great. as a southern girl, i'm also a huge fan of beignets!

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