Thursday, August 17, 2017

Alinea 2.0

Black Truffle - explosion, romaine, parmesan

So, I'm not really back from my hiatus of blogging. I enjoyed my year and a half of not being glued to a screen or taking photos of my food. Do people still blog? Since the beginning of the year, I've..

1. Grown my own vegetable garden. 

2. Painted one of two guestrooms in my house.

3. Binge watched Game of Thrones from Season 1 to Season 7 in 7 days.

4. Cut off cable.

5. Revamped my 5 bathrooms with Aesop products.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay away from Michelin. I haven't step foot into a Michelin-starred restaurant in well over a year. The last one was Roister in Chicago which I didn't take any photos. I always wanted to go back to Alinea and experience the revamped menu and new digs. I haven't been back since 2011. I couldn't resist the itch when I decided to travel to Chicago this Fall. 

So on August 16, I went on Tock to book a single reservation for October. If the stars aligned, a seat would be available during the time I would be in Chicago. Lucky me.

But that's not the only place I'm going to. I also booked Oriole, the latest 2 Michelin-starred restaurant and Band of Bohemia (One Michelin star). So yeah, that's how I roll. 3 restaurants in 4 days.

Will I take photos? Probably not. I'm tired of it and I want to experience a meal without disruptions. The photo above probably took 10 continuous shots to get one clear one. 

Just because I'm not taking photos doesn't mean I'm not taking videos...YouTube is all the rage these days.