Monday, November 30, 2009

Wisconsin: L'Etoile Restaurant, Fall Menu

Last June, I dined at L'Etoile while visiting our offices in Madison, Wisconsin (see post here). A few weeks ago, I went back with my boss Steve who inspired me to write this blog.

This time around I've gotten over my camera shyness and took out my big camera and shot away. Unfortunately, the lighting in the restaurant was pretty dim. As the night went on, it seemed the room was getting dimmer every minute.

Since Steve and I were undecided on where to eat at in Madison, I didn't make any reservations. After comparing menus from Harvest and L'Etoile, L'Etoile was clearly the winner. After walking up the stairs to their main dining room, we found we came in a few minutes early. The bar area was open for business so we decided to hang out there until the main dining room was ready.

I ended up getting a non-alcoholic drink which was like a lemonade infused with rosemary. I totally forgot the name of the drink but it was seriously good.

So finally, some photos of our meal here.

Canapé: Hickory Nut Crackers
Topped with Herbed Goat Cheese, and Hickory Nuts from Ray's Hickory Nuts

Bee Charmer Fairy Pumpkin-Curry Soup - $10.50
With King Crab in Cilantro-Coconut Beurre Monte

Pan-Roasted Silver River Whey-fed Chicken - $35
With Prsley Potatoes, Baby Turnips, Carrots, Willow Creek Farm Bacon Lardons, Mushrooms, Cipollini Onions, Snug Haven Spinach and Black Truffle-Cognac Jus

Fennel Pollen & Orange Scented Fluke - $34
With Roasted Harmony Valley Gold & Chioggia Beets, Braised Harmony Valley Cabbage and Fingerling Potatoes, finished with Orange-Rye Brown Butter & Grape Must

Wisconsin Artisan Cheeses - $12
Served with Toasted Honey-Walnut Bread and Future Fruit Cox Orange Pippin & Fuji Apples

Cheeses (from right to left)
  1. Hollands' Family Farm Marieke Gouda (Cow)
  2. Bleu Mont Dairy Bandaged Cheddar Reserved (Cow)
  3. Bleu Mont Dairy Vermont Valley Tomme (C0w)

Homemade fiddle-faddle, chocolate-covered bacon and raspberry currant gelee

Afterthoughts: L'Etoile is essentially my favorite restaurant in Madison and can honestly say has blown away my experience at Chez Panisse. The staff and service was attentive and accommodating. I like the fact that the menu is seasonal so no matter how many times you would come here, the menu will be different even their cocktail list. My boss stated it was one of the best meals he's had and will plan on coming back more often. So will I :)

25 N Pinckney St
Madison, WI 53703-2871


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