Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flying Solo

Well, I'm off to Chicago for a short business trip. Hubs will be leaving to Ohio on Monday morning for his business trip. He won't be home when I get back so I chose to drive myself to the airport. It's 5:11am in the morning and it's still dark outside. When I drove the car out of the garage, I couldn't remember the last time I drove out this early in the morning. I do remember my last business trip. It was a week before my 31st birthday and I had back to back trips to Washington, DC and San Francisco. (a great food marathon). That was in March 2010. It's been that long since I had to fly by myself. It seems like I'm getting back to the grind but I am a little scared.

Back then I never had surgery and I was carefree. This time around I have to babysit an arm since my surgeon removed nine lymph nodes infected with cancer. This means my arm is prone to a condition called lymphedema. It's an incurable condition where there is a blockage of the lymph vessels that drain fluid from tissues throughout the body. This blockage causes swelling in the arm. I'm not supposed to carry more than 10 lbs with my left arm. In the last few months, I learned to pack lightly and use a smaller roller bag within my arm weight limit. With my new disabilities, I actually hate flying alone. It just means I have to take earlier flights to make sure I get to where I need to be on time and unassisted. I arrive in Chicago at 12:00pm and have an hour to get to my hotel and a few hours to spare to get ready for my third trip to Alinea. All of the hassle better be worth it.



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