Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Video: Waku Ghin

It's 10:48am local time in Singapore (7:49pm Pacific time). I had dinner last night at Waku Ghin and I gotta admit I was impressed. There were some items worth noting but it really was about the dining experience.Waku Ghin takes bar dining to a new level. Each dish was cooked in front of you. Not precooked in the kitchen and plated in front of you. I mean, I saw the ingredients in its raw form and watched the chef turn it into a progressive meal. I have proof too! The Waku Ghin video was probably the longest video I've ever taken. It was a little shaky since I'm not comfortable with the video function of my camera.

I took video of Chef Sia Kok Hong preparing my fourth course of Tasmanian Abalone with Fregola and Tomato. The one thing I noticed throughout the entire meal was how often the grill was cleaned. Like every few minutes. I would totally give Waku Ghin a AAA on cleanliness.

Waku Ghin from foodiefinder on Vimeo.

And the finished product.

Tasmanian Abalone with Fregola and Tomato

If you're dying to know, a 10-course tasting with two glasses of wine will set you back a good SGD$ 576.73, roughly USD $450 with gratuity per person. Waku Ghin really defines a dinner with a show. More on that later.


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