Sunday, January 26, 2014

La Jolla, CA : Lette Macarons

There is a new macaron kiosk at the UTC Westfield mall in La Jolla. I received a box as a gift. The macarons are not baked fresh on site but delivered to the kiosk from Beverly Hills.

Madagascar vanilla - Vanilla ganache
Violet cassis - Violet ganache and black current jam
Rose - Rose ganache
Lemon - Lemon cream
Coconut - Coconut ganache
Raspberry - Raspberry ganache
Sweet Wedding Almond - Almond ganache
Caribbean chocolate - Chocolate ganache
Columbian coffee - Coffee ganache
Earl Gray Tea - Earl Gray Tea ganache
Passion fruit - Passion fruit ganache
Sicilian pistachio - Pistachio ganache
The verdict: It's definitely not comparable to Laduree macarons. The flavors are interesting but it's not something I would buy all the time due to its cost ($1.95 per macaron). Lette should consider moving into an indoor boutique and baking fresh macarons on site rather than having a kiosk in an open air mall. Another possible location would be the Del Mar Heights shopping center.

Here's a comparison:

Lette Macarons


Anonymous said...

If you have the money to fly to New York or Paris for Laduree, good for you. If not, try Lette. Their macarons are delicately flavored and a lovely treat. I'm serving them tonight at my Girls Nite Out dinner. The rose and violet are my faves!

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