Monday, March 3, 2014

Kitchen Gadget Wish List

Kitchen Gadget Wish List

We're a few days away from closing on our house. We'll close escrow before we leave to Europe. I still can't believe it but once we get back from Paris, we'll move into our new home. So what have I been doing this whole time? Registering for kitchen gadgets.

  • A new refrigerator. I wish we had enough space for a Subzero but that requires a kitchen overhaul. I've settled for the largest capacity fridge on the market. The Kenmore Elite and LG are the same so pretty much price will dictate which one I end up getting.
  • Shun Ken Onion carving set. I wish I registered for the Shun knives on our wedding registry than the Wusthof Classic knives that I have now. Lessons learned, go the extra mile for what you really want.
  • Expensive cookbook. I need to step up my cooking game. My mom is getting older so eventually Hubs expects me carry on that torch. I can cook, I just don't like to every day. I have a corporate job, what do you expect!
Nice to have in the distance future:
  • Vita-Mix. Who doesn't want one of these?
  • Sous Vide and vacuum sealer. No explanation needed.
  • Convention oven. Whenever I want to reheat something without using the microwave or oven.


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