Thursday, January 5, 2012

Travel Log: Messina, Sicily

By the time Hubs and I arrived in Messina, Sicily, we were already exhausted and we still had two more destinations to go. We decided to skip a tour excursion and explored the city on our own time. Early on we learned that Sicily is a city where pedestrians don't have the right of way and you literally have to run for your life trying to cross the streets.

As we were exploring the city, I was actually surprised to find mainstream stores like Zara and H&M to department stores that carry major designers. Before we walked back to the cruise ship, we stopped by a small pizzeria and picked up some pizza. Pizza in Italy regardless of region is delicious and made with fresh ingredients. It's also cheap too. I don't think we paid more than 4 Euros for two slices of pizza. I'm totally bias now. It's going to be tough eating pizza in San Diego.


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La casa dei dolcetti said...

Hi, I'm from Messina, beautiful photos ♥
I love pizza :)

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