Saturday, January 14, 2012

Travel Log: Singapore

If you take the best of every metropolitan city in the world, you get Singapore. It's the world's cleanest city/country and now a food destination. Our trip to Singapore in November was an unexpected one. Hubs had to travel there for business. I still had a few vacation days to blow even after our two week trip to Europe. So without much thought, I decided to tag along and Singapore would be my vacation from my vacation. Why relax in San Diego when you can go to Singapore.

From the moment that I stepped out of the airplane, I knew I was in a vastly different place. The humidity will slap you in the face! I was like, "Whoa, where the f*** am I?" but that attitude changed once we got inside our cab and on our way to the hotel. Thankfully air conditioning was abundant everywhere.

It was here where I had my best meal/dish of 2011. And of all things, it was uni (sea urchin). I actually hate sea urchin because of its fishy taste but somehow there was something magical about this one dish I had at Waku Ghin. It completely changed my mind about it. Anyone who can change my mind about uni deserves a gold star because that stuff is nasty if it's not prepared properly.

All and all, this country was definitely food-centric. I can't wait to post the rest of the photos from this trip.


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