Tuesday, June 22, 2010

San Diego: Fair Food

Since I was a kid, the summer time always meant a trip to the county fair. There was one time as a teenager that I got to go to the California State Fair. Oh gosh, I saw KISS in concert as well as New Kids on the Block and Color Me Bad. Wow, I'm old. haha. Good times!

The San Diego County Fair officially opened on June 11th and ends on July 5th. The theme for this year's fair is "Taste the Fun" to celebrate food and it being a part of our every day lives. This past weekend Hubs and I took a trip to the Del Mar Fairgrounds and got our grub on. There was tons of fair food so we chose wisely. We tried not to have the same stuff that we had last year. Here's the line up:

Twice as long...
Giant Western Sausage - Juicy's

Loads of cheese...
Battered Potatoes - Austrian Battered Potatoes

A little sweet...
Dreamsicle Float - Crutchies Ice Cream

Something fried...
Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar - Funnel Cake

Take home...
Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies - Mom's Cookies

If you plan on going to the San Diego County Fair, here's a food listing and map to guide you.

The notable fried food items this year were:
  • Deep Fried Klondike Bar
  • Deep Fried Pop Tart
  • Deep Fried Butter
  • Sweet Potato Fry or Hash Brown Fry Dog
I was so close to getting the Klondike Bar but Hubs stopped me. I already have one problem to deal with, I don't need to induce a heart attack on top of it. A patron saw me taking pictures of our food and said: "Are you taking pictures of the food to remember what killed you?" We all laughed. Good times!


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